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When it comes to flooring for business, you can count on NuFlorz to make your concrete floor beter than new. A Nuflorz restored concrete floor will stand up to years of abuse, is rugged and reliable in even the most demanding circumstances and is suited for virtually any operation — commercial, industrial, manufacturing, institutional and more. You’ll be surprised by all the individualized design options we can add to your concrete floor too, while maintaining top-quality damage resistance and durability.

The experienced team at NuFlorz applies its expertise to your situation, resulting in the determination of exactly the right treatment of your concrete flooring. From small commercial operations to heavy-duty industrial complexes, we’re there with the answers for everything concrete. Youncan count on us new again. It’s our long-running specialty, and proof of our commitment to your concrete flooring satisfaction.

Our Concrete Floor Restoration Services

Concrete Grinding

The NuFlorz team employs grinding experts who use diamonds to smooth down the surface of the concrete, preparing it for improvement. The process may involve any or all of these tasks: removing old coatings; dispensing with grease, oily films and dirt; prepping the concrete surface and getting it ready for its extended new life.

Concrete Resurfacing

Beyond the surface preparation mentioned in the concrete grinding section, this process goes further, either with the addition of a reworked surface to match what had been in place originally, or to completely change to a different surface approach. In cases where a complete replacement is to be avoided, we’ll use the existing concrete as a base, build off that structure and enhance it all for an impressive surface restoration.

Concrete Repair

Sometimes, a concrete floor that is in disrepair is better off with a round of NuFlorz repairs. Those pitted sections of concrete, the cracks running the length of the floor, the crumbling areas in the corners and other aspects will only deteriorate further if neglected. Our expert team will repair your concrete floors – with the appropriate combination of patches, coatings, joint repairs and more – to get them back to normal, very quickly.

Polished Concrete

Concrete flooring, while highly effective, can give off a dull appearance. A NuFlorz epoxy coating is one great way to enhance concrete’s appearance, but it’s not your only option. We use a mechanical process to thoroughly polish every inch of your concrete floors, and to deliver whatever level of gloss is desired. The shiny finish is achieved through a combination of skilled operators and a process of using specialized grinders and grits to achieve the floor you’ve been looking for.

The benefits of restoring your concrete floor:

  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • Withstanding high foot traffic
  • Providing an attractive look for a facility
  • Resistance to bacteria that could cause health or safety concerns
  • Maintaining regular moisture levels
  • Repairing floor damage

We’ll put our best foot forward to create the best floor restoration solution for you.

You can depend on NuFlorz to use our years of experience to help you determine whether polishing or resurfacing is the better option for your existing concrete floor. Concrete with extensive damage – holes, extensive patchwork, large cracks, spalls or crumbles – are probably better off with a resurfacing. But some less damaged floors may be able to achieve a like-new look and feel with just a skillful polishing. If you’re looking to have us repair, grind or polish your existing concrete floor, we’re ready with the specialized equipment and experienced personnel.

Nuflorz can guide you through resurfacing decisions too. Decorative concrete overlays, thin micro-toppings, thick self-leveling overlays and other options can all offer high-value solutions for even the most banged up floors. Various colors, stencils, sawcuts, stamping and other techniques add to the endless possibilities NuFlorz has to offer.

We determine wear needs, traffic flow, temperature factors, and more, to recommend exactly what can help bring added efficiency and strength to your concrete flooring.

NuFlorz employee restoring industrial floor while following safety standards
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Industries We Serve
  • Aerospace Flooring
  • Auto Manufacturing Floors
  • Chemical Resistant Flooring
  • Distribution Facility Floors
  • Electronics Manufacturing Floors
  • Factory Floors
  • Food Processing Facility Floors
  • Government Building Floors
  • Industrial Floors
  • Institutional Kitchen Floors
  • Manufacturing Floors
  • Military Facility Floors
  • Pharmaceutical Floors
  • Shipping Facility Floors
  • Water and Wastewater Facility Floors
  • Auto Dealership Floors

  • Automotive Service Bay Floors
  • Aviation Hangar Floors
  • Brewery Floors
  • Clean Room Floors
  • Commercial Facility Floors
  • Commercial Kitchen Floors
  • Dairy Farm Production Floors
  • Distribution Facility Floors
  • Educational and School Floors
  • Electronics Flooring
  • Fire Station Flooring
  • Food Processing Floors
  • Government Building Floors
  • Grocery Store Floors
  • Hospital and Healthcare Floors
  • Hospitality and Hotel Floors
  • Laboratory and Chemical Resistant Floors
  • Locker Room Floors
  • Office Building Floors
  • Pharmaceutical Floors
  • Retail Store Floors
  • Shipping Facility Floors
  • Sports Complex Floors & Arena Floors
  • Technology Facility Floors
  • Transportation Facility Floors
  • Veterinary & Kennel Floors
  • Warehouse Floors

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Urethane Cement Composition Flooring

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Floor Systems

Epoxies, urethanes (mortar), and acrylics, decorative staining, Hybra-flex and Poly-Crete

  • Primes and Sealers

  • Membranes and Crack Fillers

  • Floor Resurfaces

  • Wall Coating Systems

  • Performance Topcoats

  • Static Dissipative Systems (ESD Floors)

  • Thermal Cycle Tolerant Systems

  • Chemical Resistant

Why choose NuFlorz?
  • We have over 30 years in the industry
  • We have a highly experienced team
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  • We use the highest quality products and materials
  • We are certified Dur-A-Flex® installers

  • We have an impeccable saftey record
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  • We finish projects on time and on budget

  • We are an Upstate New York company dedicated to NY businesses
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