Retail Flooring

For retail flooring, unrelenting foot and cart traffic are a given. Spills, accidents and other floor damages are a regular occurrence at grocery and retail stores. Because of this, the right grocery and retail floor coating system is a necessity.

What retail flooring solutions are right for your Syracuse, NY location?

NuFlorz, Inc. offers grocery and retail floor coating systems that provide needed protective benefits. Our grocery and retail floor coating offer the following benefits:

Minimal required maintenance – Our retail floor coatings are easy to clean, and are designed with minimal maintenance in mind. This makes floor cleaning efficient.

Retail floor coatings are suitable for all areas of the store – Get the easy clean, slip resistant benefits of grocery store floor coatings throughout your store, including bathrooms, employee areas, bakeries, delis and all store departments.

Stain Prevention – Many NuFlorz, Inc. grocery and retail floor coating are specifically designed for stain prevention. Prevent stubborn stains from becoming a problem, saving time and resources on cleaning.

Slip or Fall Protection – NuFlorz, Inc. offers grocery and retail floor coating with slip or fall protection properties. This can help in preventing workplace injuries or customer accidents.

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Explore Our Syracuse, NY Retail Floor Services

Do you need grocery floor coatings that are attractive and easy to clean? Or, do you have existing floor damages that need to be fixed? Maybe you need a certain type of stain protection.

NuFlorz, Inc. offers grocery and retail floor coating that provide all of the above benefits and more.

Learn more about a specific grocery flooring service below:

Epoxy Flooring
Epoxy floor

Epoxy flooring is ideal for clean, low maintenance retail flooring.

Polymer Flooring
Epoxy flooring

There are many variations of polymer flooring. Different systems can provide the protective benefits you require. NuFlorz, Inc. can design a floor to meet your needs.

Retail Flooring Restoration
Grocery floor restoration

You can’t ignore it any longer. Even seemingly insignificant floor damage can quickly develop in to a safety hazard. Beyond being a safety concern, cracks and other floor damage are a bad look for your facility. NuFlorz, Inc. can transform your damaged retail flooring to like-new condition.

Concrete Testing
Concrete floor testing done by NuFlorz

Concrete testing is vital to safeguard the integrity of your retail floor. Our concrete testing services provides professional analysis and recommendations to ensure a warrantable floor system is installed.

NuFlorz, Inc. is the Trusted Source for Retail Floor Coating Services in Syracuse, NY

NuFlorz is experienced in providing grocery and retail floor coating options. We have installed grocery floor coatings in both family owned small businesses as well as multinational corporations.

NuFlorz is a Browz and ISN member with exceptional ratings. This means that we’re independently recognized as a qualified, safe and socially responsible industrial flooring company.

NuFlorz employee restoring industrial floor while following safety standards