Warehouse Flooring

Warehouse flooring needs to be durable, clean and easy to maintain. Day to day operations require your warehouse floor coating to be able to withstand heavy fork lift and truck traffic, as well as long term wear. Warehouse floor coatings also provide increased light reflectivity and provide a safe, non-slip surface that is essential to a warehouse environment.

Which warehouse floor cleaning and coating are you looking for?

When deciding which warehouse floor cleaning and coating is right for your facility, you’ll need to consider what your needs are for warehouse flooring. Does your warehouse flooring need to have a clean appearance while also being easy to maintain? Does it need to be FDA approved? Do you need it to be anti-slip? Does it need to be resistant to potential chemical spills? Whatever you need from your warehouse flooring, the professionals at NuFlorz deliver the results you’re looking for.

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Warehouse Flooring Services in Syracuse, NY

Whatever your warehouse flooring needs, the experienced professionals at NuFlorz, Inc. get the job done. Learn more about our various warehouse flooring services below.

Warehouse Flooring Restoration
Installing NuFlorz floor system

You can’t ignore it any longer. Even seemingly insignificant floor damage can quickly develop in to a safety hazard. Beyond being a safety concern, cracks and other floor damage are a bad look for your facility. NuFlorz can transform your damaged warehouse flooring to like-new condition.

Polymer Flooring
Warehouse floor restoration

Do you need a warehouse floor coating that is made to withstand chemical stains or damages? Or, does your warehouse flooring need to tolerate the heavy foot traffic that comes with warehouse work? Whatever your protective floor coating needs, polymer flooring can provide the results you’re looking for.

Essential Concrete Testing for Warehouse Flooring
Concrete floor testing done by NuFlorz

There may be unacceptable levels of soluble salts, relative humidity (RH) or alkalinity present in your warehouse flooring. Concrete testing services from NuFlorz, Inc. are vital to ensure the longevity of your warehouse flooring.

Epoxy Flooring: A Great Warehouse Floor Coating
Full concrete floor restoration in warehouse done by NuFlorz

Epoxy flooring is an excellent choice for a warehouse floor coating. Epoxy flooring is preferred for its clean look and minimal required maintenance.

Partner with NuFlorz, Inc. for Your Warehouse Floor Cleaning and Coating

For years, organizations have relied on NuFlorz, Inc. to complete quality work the first time.

NuFlorz, Inc. is a Browz and ISN member. This means that NuFlorz, Inc. has been independently recognized as a qualified, safe and socially responsible Syracuse, NY warehouse flooring company.

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