Industry Applications

Your commercial or industrial floor takes a beating every day. You walk on it, work hard on it, drive over it, drop things on it and usually… ignore it. Until something goes wrong. That’s where Nuflorz comes in.

Our highly-skilled team has 30+ years of flooring experience to ensure your peace of mind. We work with top quality, warranted flooring systems from respected national manufacturers – such as Dur-A-Flex and Neogard – using specialized equipment and premium materials on a daily basis. And it’s all delivered with an emphasis on safety, service and professionalism. NuFlorz will work closely with you right from the start. We will educate you and explain all your options so you can make the best decision for your industries application.

High-Tech Facility Flooring

Durable, seamless, chemical and abrasion resistant high-tech flooring.

Industrial Flooring

An industrial flooring setting requires the most demanding floor systems.

Commercial Flooring

NuFlorz is experienced in providing commercial flooring for various facilities.

Manufacturing Flooring

We can install the perfect floor for the toughest manufacturing environments.

Warehouse Flooring

Warehouse flooring needs to be durable, safe, clean and easy to maintain.

Automotive Shop Flooring

We meet the demands that can withstand the impact and traffic of auto shops.

Institutional Flooring

We understand the needs of various industries that need institutional flooring.

Retail Flooring

We offer retail floor coating systems that provide needed protective benefits.