Safety & Training

NuFlorz flooring specialist practicing safety

NuFlorz is proud to have gone for over 20 years without an OSHA recordable incident.

Ensuring safety on the job is of utmost importance, and cutting corners is not an option. At Nuflorz, we take responsibility for the well-being of our employees, customers, and all involved parties by ensuring that every jobsite complies with federal, state, and local regulations and is as secure as possible.

To achieve this goal, we begin well in advance by providing comprehensive training to all Nuflorz team members. Our focus is on making sure that our employees meet all requirements for obtaining the necessary OSHA certifications. With regulations constantly evolving and our services expanding, our safety training program is an ongoing process that demands a long-term commitment.

Safety training is just one piece of the puzzle. Prior to beginning any project, we thoroughly assess potential hazards, develop a personalized safety plan, and effectively communicate that plan to all team members. This approach keeps everyone aligned, resulting in better overall safety, staying on track with the project schedule, and ensuring a smooth project execution.

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Industry Applications

High-Tech Facility Flooring

Durable, seamless, chemical and abrasion resistant high-tech flooring.

Industrial Flooring

An industrial flooring setting requires the most demanding floor systems.

Commercial Flooring

NuFlorz is experienced in providing commercial flooring for various facilities.

Manufacturing Flooring

We can install the perfect floor for the toughest manufacturing environments.

Warehouse Flooring

Warehouse flooring needs to be durable, safe, clean and easy to maintain.

Automotive Shop Flooring

We meet the demands that can withstand the impact and traffic of auto shops.

Institutional Flooring

We understand the needs of various industries that need institutional flooring.

Retail Flooring

We offer retail floor coating systems that provide needed protective benefits.


Concrete Floor Analysis & Recommendation

Moisture Testing

Moisture Mitigation

Floor Preparation and Repair

Bead Blasting

Crack and Joint Repair

Terrazzo Restoration

Urethane Cement Composition Flooring

Liquid Applied Floor Systems

Seamless Epoxy Flooring

Floor Systems

Epoxies, urethanes (mortar), and acrylics, decorative staining, Hybra-flex and Poly-Crete

  • Primes and Sealers

  • Membranes and Crack Fillers

  • Floor Resurfaces

  • Wall Coating Systems

  • Performance Topcoats

  • Static Dissipative Systems (ESD Floors)

  • Thermal Cycle Tolerant Systems

  • Chemical Resistant

01. NuFlorz only uses the best.

You can depend on long-lasting quality, not only because of the skills of NuFlorz, but also the reputations of our partners, Dur-A-Flex and Neogard. We work with these national top quality manufacturers to provide you the most up-to-date surface technologies.

02. We do the vital testing that others don’t.

We go above and beyond the competition to perform core concrete testing for Soluble Salts, Ph (alkalinity), RH (relative humidity) and other key factors. Why? Because understanding the conditions below your floor surface is just as important as above, and the data we collect determines the appropriate surface preparation for a warrantable floor system.

03. Floors are what we do.

Our Syracuse, New York based company has 30+ years of flooring experience to ensure your peace of mind. Our highly-experienced concrete floor team will work closely with you right from the start, educate you and explain all your options so you can make the best decision for your concrete floor application.