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Floors are the most abused part of any commercial or industrial building. People literally “walk all over them” on a daily basis, and waking is just the beginning! They also stack heavy items on it, roll equipment over it, track dirt, oil, grease and debris onto it, and drop all sorts of destructive objects on it. In short, floors can get beaten up quickly.

Fortunately, the NuFlorz team always takes the right approach. That’s the case whether we’re installing high-quality, warranty-protected epoxy floors that resist this kind of damage, or if we’re helping to correct old problems and making your existing floor look like it’s new again.

One of our first steps is always to check for problems in the substrate. Cracks, spalls, splinters and any sign of unevenness in the joints or slabs will get our attention. We’ve seen it all, and the NuFlorz, Inc. team knows how to remedy all of it. Adequate surface preparation is critical, followed by skillful application of the new epoxy coating for optimum leveling, reduction of hazards and years of low-maintenance performance.

Your typical usage of a particular floor is the driving factor in determining the type and level of epoxy to be used. Light foot traffic? Just a small amount of additive will provide the necessary traction. Areas where more people are regularly passing through may require a larger suspended aggregate as well as a thicker epoxy coating to withstand the ongoing wear and tear. Highest traffic areas call for a two-part solution: a thick layer of epoxy topped by urethane modified polymers. Other factors besides traffic are also important, such as ambient temperatures, presence of bacteria, moisture levels and the necessity for attractive/distinctive decorative designs.

Customizing the epoxy flooring for each environment, and each user, is our most effective way to ensure superior performance and value for every NuFlorz, Inc. customer.

Key advantages of a NuFlorz epoxy floor installation:

  • Presents a cleaner appearance
  • Is easier to clean on a daily basis
  • Features a non-porous surface, which is useful for many businesses (and essential for some)
  • Satisfies needs for a chemical-resistant surface
  • Protects against damage from acids, fats and other destructive chemical compounds
  • Provides an easily navigated surface for forklifts and other industrial equipment
  • Facilitates smooth transport for vibration-sensitive equipment
  • Is compliant with specialty regulations, to accommodate healthcare, food & beverage, clean room and other critical use facilities
  • Meets hygienic requirements and other demands of specific industries
  • Minimizes dusting in your facility
  • Improves the overall performance and appearance of every concrete floor!

These and other advantages make a new epoxy finish an invaluable investment for your business. The epoxy flooring experts at NuFlorz are available to discuss your needs, review your existing flooring and recommend the best solution for you. This is critically important, because not all epoxy floors are the same, and most installers don’t have the experience and skillset of the NuFlorz team.

Choose the best epoxy finish, installed by the most qualified experts.

The epoxy flooring offerings from Nuflorz include a wide range of selections to cover every floor that comes along, and to cover it in the most effective way possible. We’ll help you choose the ideal option, and walk you through the best way to go about getting the job done.

One important decision is whether to protect your floor with a Urethane Modified Polymer. This popular, resinous flooring approach creates a glossy yet grippable finish to protect you from slips while enhancing the day-to-day appearance of the floor. It’s durable, attractive and functional, and even offers proven protection against thermal shock. The urethane modified polymers offered by NuFlorz, Inc. include well-known options like Poly-Crete, from leading epoxy flooring manufacturers, such as Dur-A-Flex, Neogard and others. At Nu-Florz, Inc., we only work with the best – because our customers deserve it.

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Industries We Serve
  • Aerospace Flooring
  • Auto Manufacturing Floors
  • Chemical Resistant Flooring
  • Distribution Facility Floors
  • Electronics Manufacturing Floors
  • Factory Floors
  • Food Processing Facility Floors
  • Government Building Floors
  • Industrial Floors
  • Institutional Kitchen Floors
  • Manufacturing Floors
  • Military Facility Floors
  • Pharmaceutical Floors
  • Shipping Facility Floors
  • Water and Wastewater Facility Floors
  • Auto Dealership Floors

  • Automotive Service Bay Floors
  • Aviation Hangar Floors
  • Brewery Floors
  • Clean Room Floors
  • Commercial Facility Floors
  • Commercial Kitchen Floors
  • Dairy Farm Production Floors
  • Distribution Facility Floors
  • Educational and School Floors
  • Electronics Flooring
  • Fire Station Flooring
  • Food Processing Floors
  • Government Building Floors
  • Grocery Store Floors
  • Hospital and Healthcare Floors
  • Hospitality and Hotel Floors
  • Laboratory and Chemical Resistant Floors
  • Locker Room Floors
  • Office Building Floors
  • Pharmaceutical Floors
  • Retail Store Floors
  • Shipping Facility Floors
  • Sports Complex Floors & Arena Floors
  • Technology Facility Floors
  • Transportation Facility Floors
  • Veterinary & Kennel Floors
  • Warehouse Floors

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Epoxies, urethanes (mortar), and acrylics, decorative staining, Hybra-flex and Poly-Crete

  • Primes and Sealers

  • Membranes and Crack Fillers

  • Floor Resurfaces

  • Wall Coating Systems

  • Performance Topcoats

  • Static Dissipative Systems (ESD Floors)

  • Thermal Cycle Tolerant Systems

  • Chemical Resistant

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  • We have over 30 years in the industry
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  • We use the highest quality products and materials
  • We are certified Dur-A-Flex® installers

  • We have an impeccable saftey record
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  • We finish projects on time and on budget

  • We are an Upstate New York company dedicated to NY businesses
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